What a mother goose taught me about the 2008 elections

What an amazing ride. One moment I’m surrounded by technology and man-made structures and the next I’m under a canopy of trees…all this beauty from my bicycle seat.  What happened next was unexpected…a lesson in business and politics while out on the trail.  You ever come across a bunch of geese that are in your way?  You ever approach with the thought that you’re the bigger creature so all you have to do is step in and through these animals and they’ll part like the red sea?   You yell, you make noise, you lift up the bike to look bigger…but nothing happens.  How can this be?

At this point I decide to get aggressive. They will do what I want them to do because it’s for “the greater good”…my greater good.  But then, all of sudden, I attract the attention of a big goose, in fact, the Mother Goose. The neck comes down and darts out like a dagger.  The “hiss” sound is something I would prefer not to hear again.  She’s mad. She’s making it very clear that I am NOT in charge and that I in fact am impeding on her family and that I am the one who needs to get out of the way.  How can I be losing this fight?  I’m huge compared to her. I literally tower over this creature.  But nonetheless, she wins. I would love to have heard the conversations between the geese as they witnessed Momma Goose dispose of a 6’1” 220 pound man.  I was forced to discover a new path, one that was less intrusive and one that allowed the geese to go about their way in a manner that was best for and defined by them.

On my way home I began to think about the “politics” behind this event.  I found myself becoming rather fond of that tenacious goose because I could relate to her.  She determined that I was in the way. I was preventing her progress.  I began to think what would happen if Mother goose lost her will to fight.  What would happen if she aligned herself with the “big one” every time it stepped into her daily path?

You know, she was on to something.  She was the perfect example of how we need to act in relation to this election.  We are facing the biggest infusion of government potentially in this country’s history.  We are about to experience the “big one” coming through our household, our business, our employer, our investments, our communities, and we have a choice.  We either oblige and get pushed every which way or we do what Momma Goose did: lower our heads, arm ourselves with our vote, charge, and be willing to fight for our ground against something that simply believes we’re going to step aside.

That mother goose was the perfect example of what America is all about.

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