The neighborhood dogs understand the economy better than Obama

I tell you what, I now have a different take on the neighborhood dogs and their barking.  It’s typically rather annoying…until today.  People will walk by, maybe jog by, kids will ride their bikes past, or be walking to and from school, the National Guard jets (which fly overheard where I live) will dart past making a huge thunderous noise, a fire-engine or ambulance will head off to some emergency with sirens blazing, or maybe some other dog barks somewhere else in the neighborhood, all these things occur on a daily basis and cause one reaction…barking!  At times it can drive you crazy.  Until today.

I began to think about why the dog is barking. What’s its purpose?  Of course Disney wants us to believe they’re just talking to each other…”The Barking Chain.”  But, I believe if we really think about it, they have a God given foundational understanding of property rights.  They understand on a doggy level that you don’t mess with what’s theirs.  They mark their territory and then when they’re out of their defined territory, i.e. a walk with the boss, they attempt to claim someone else’s by marking that too…some serious competition.  We even put signs up: Caution Dog.  Wait a second, competition, property rights, stay off the property cuz it’s mine?  I began to think that the dogs were on to something.

Capitalism is all about competition, property rights, and the ability to protect what’s yours. While socialism, by defition, is a system marked by the “common ownership of the means of production.”  Now wait a minute, I’m curious just how many socialist in this country would allow my dog to continuingly go into his (the socialists) yard to relieve himself?  I mean, afterall, it’s not really HIS it’s all of ours right?  Okay, back to the dogs. So the dog knows what’s his. He knows that you don’t mess with it. If he senses a threat he reminds you he’s there (his bark).  If you step over the property line, all bets are off and it’s him against you.  This began to make me laugh. Nature, dogs and just about every other creature, are hard core capitalist.  So let’s take a look at what would happen if they were offered a socialistic opportunity.

Okay, so let’s imagine that all the fences were down (no boundries, no true ownership, “what’s mine is yours and vice versa”) and the dogs joined forces. Now the dog with the big yard would have a lot to offer the other dogs. Unfortunately, the small-yard dog really wouldn’t bring much to the table but would greatly enjoy his new and much larger play place. For a short period of time it would probably seem like a pretty good idea for them all.  They become one big group, they play where they want to, they “go” where they want to.  Us owners would continue to pick up the remains for a while but eventually stop because we’d get sick of being the only one doing it. Until one day, the few dogs that still get up and track down the rabbits for food – since none of us are feeding them anymore since we can’t afford to feed them all – begin to get a little frustrated with those that just sat around and “groomed” themselves all day.  What happens now? They begin to protect their goods again.  How many lions dens do we know that have a whole group of “kings”?  NONE. There is one king. He’s the boss. He’s the alpha male. He’s the capitalist. And the result? They all flourish…in great strength and leadership.  Just like my dog. He is the boss in the back yard. What’s in it is his. If you want it, you better get ready for a fight; but, for now he’ll let you know he’s there with his bark.  So keep barking dogs…keep barking.

Socialism ALWAYS fails. It’s not human nature (it’s not even nature’s nature); therefore, it can never win. Capitalism may not be perfect, but it is the best…even our dogs know that.

I think if I lived in Obama’s neighborhood I’d let my dogs relieve themselves in his yard and when he gets mad I’d say “what? you mean to tell me that I don’t have access to what’s yours? aren’t you making over $250,000 a year? I don’t make that much and I can’t afford to have someone clean up my yard for me and I can’t afford the plastic bags to pick it up but YOU can so YOU do it.”

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