I’m astounded by the news that our economy is improving

Recently I saw a national newspaper headline an article about how our economy is improving and recovering.  I began to notice this in many other news sources and I have been just astounded at the inaccuracies of these claims.  Truly, this issue today is one of the most misleading ever to be imposed on the American people.  We are still in the midst of one of the most dangerous financial times in our country’s history.  Behind every dollar printed, behind every unemployed citizen, behind every person who retires or requires health care, is danger lying in wait.  “Oh come on!  You don’t really believe that?”

Taxes at 100%

I do.  We continuingly find information that just seems so unbelievable to us yet the math clearly indicates that our statement above is true.  Not only that, but the Congressional Budget Office maintains the same conclusions.  Consider this question: What if every American paid 100 percent taxes? What if our tax laws were changed from the 47,000 pages of tax code to the following two lines:

  1. What was your income?
  2. The amount in line one is the amount of tax you owed – SEND IT IN!

If this was the case, we would still have to borrow money to maintain our current standard of living.  Can you imagine?  Seriously, is that not just insane?

That water is about to boil

In the same manner that a frog will stay in the water if the heat is turned up slowly, we have slowly put our country and ourselves in this very challenging position.  Virtually anything could knock us down like a house of cards.

The list of financial challenges that we face could take up this whole page and most people are not paying attention.  Let’s list a few: our government spending, a declining workforce, an aging population, unsustainable government debt, unemployment, declining value of the dollar, declining housing values, increase in number of government employees, underfunded government pensions, underfunded union pensions, state government deficits, individual bankruptcies, credit tightening, currency fluctuation (world-wide), private sector’s inefficiency to save, government dependency at an all time high, hidden inflation (stealth tax), illegal immigration, health care costs, declining incomes (inflation adjusted), war-security-terror, the cost of going “green”, and foreclosures…just to name a few.

LEVERAGE will win!

So what does this mean for us?  Well, very simply, leverage is absolutely a must if we are to get through these issues.  It’s critical you learn how to leverage your money.  At Mountain Financial our job is not to make anyone rich (unlike the sales pitch by traditional financial planning), you can accomplish this goal with your own unique abilities.  Our job is to make sure that you will never be poor because the above issues will certainly work against our ability to create wealth.

It’s important for us to lay out the various benefits that we provide:

  1. A haven for your safe money.  We ask our client or prospect: where do you put your “safe” money?  How do you keep it safe?  Do you get a fair return on your “safe” money?  Would you like to know about “safe” money investments that provide better returns?
  2. Guarantees. Not only can we guarantee the return on their money, we can guarantee the return of their money.  This is a big issue and needs to be told to everyone…I don’t care how successful you are!
  3. Even if our client runs out of money, we can guarantee that he/she will never run out of income. We have products that provide a guaranteed paycheck for life under any financial circumstance. No one else can do that.
  4. Three miracles of investing:
  • First, we share the miracle of compound interest.  That is how the silent generation became wealthy.  They allowed compound interest to work on savings that they saved and kept saved.  Even at 3 percent, money would double twice from age 18 to age 66.
  • Second, we also provide the miracle of tax deferred compound interest.  This is known as the miracle of triple compounding: interest on principal, interest on interest, and interest on the taxes you would have paid in an investment taxed on an accrual basis. We can double a client’s pension just by teaching them the miracle of tax deferral.  We can do this without requiring any additional risk.  That is a miracle!
  • Finally, we provide the miracle of leveraging.  We can use pennies to buy dollars or we can have one dollar do the work of many dollars.  If the plan is arranged properly, all of this can be done without income tax liability. That is a financial miracle!  Now you may begin to understand why the wealthy have used it to maintain and pass on their wealth for generations.

The young, old, rich, middle‐class, employed, and unemployed can all benefit from these miracles and all of them need to learn the truth.

Kelly O’Connor – kelly.oconnor@mtnfinancial.com


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6 Responses to I’m astounded by the news that our economy is improving

  1. Maggie says:

    Kelly, you talk about”the miracle of leveraging”. Leverage is just another word for debt, and debt is RISK. When you “leverage” your money, you are putting yourself and your financial future at risk.
    Example: Buying stocks on margin (you pay 10% down), expecting to pay the balance when the stocks go up in value and you sell them. But the stocks go DOWN in value, the broker calls in your margin “loan”, and you owe the 90% on a stock that is worth far less than what you owe. You are hosed.

    Yes, you CAN get rich with leveraging, but it involves way more risk than most people are comfortable with.

    Shame on you for touting the “miracle”, which is not a miracle, it’s a TRAP.

    • bethebank says:

      Your comment would be correct if an individual leveraged their money in a risk-based environment like you mention. I agree with you that that would be foolish; however, that is not what we’re talking about here.

      What if you could leverage in a guaranteed and predictable environment? What if you couldn’t lose? You are more than welcome to continue thinking that “leveraging” only means putting your money at risk but if what you knew to be true turned out not to be, when would you want to know about it? If you could be shown a few strategies that allowed you to leverage without any risk at all and virtually guaranteed you win, would you listen?

  2. Maggie says:

    You start your article with a bold headline “Taxes at 100%”. This headline in bold, with white space around it for maximum attention getting.

    You are intentionally deceiving your viewers! and using FACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE statements to do the scaring!

    You are deceitful and immoral.

    • bethebank says:

      Maggie, you obviously didn’t pay attention. The “Taxes at 100%” was a hypothetical and clearly stated as such. The point was very simply made to help readers like you understand that even IF we had income taxes at 100% our government would still have to borrow money…that IS factual. Going forward, you’re welcome to comment but if you continue down the path of immature insults then you will be blocked.

  3. SoCalGal says:

    If I was you, Kelly, I would remove Maggie’s hostile comments from your fact-based and informative blog.

    It’s a shame in this country that there is so much financial ignorance as Maggie so obviously embodies.

  4. bethebank says:

    You are right, it is truly a shame.

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